Monday 16th October – Award Presentations

On Monday 16th October, seven cadets were presented with certificates following their recent achievements on squadron. Cadets earned qualifications in instruction, leadership and first aid.

Firstly, six cadets were awarded their Youth First Aid (YFA) certificates after completing a two-day course with a final practical assessment.



First Aid training is mandatory to all cadets and is a vital skill that allows the cadets to be the initial lifeline during a medical emergency. YFA is the second level of first aid training, teaching and developing the basics of first aid such as CPR, spinal injuries, bleeding, hypothermia and chest pains. The course ends with a three part practical assessment, putting their newly acquired skill to the test. The cadets will be regularly assessed by our First Aid Training Officer to ensure they’re always up to standard and ready to help in an emergency.

Cadet Flight Sergeant Melissa Doody was also presented with her Method of Instruction (MoI) certificate. This is the pinnacle of the cadet classification system and allows FS Doody to instruct and teach the next generate of cadets, passing on her gained knowledge and experiences. MoI is earned through climbing the cadet classification system, building up their knowledge of the RAF, navigation, principles of flight and more. Finally, FS Doody was assessed planning and running her own lesson.

Cadet instructors are distinguished by their yellow lanyards.


Finally, Cadet Katie Beresford is the first of the squadron to be awarded the Blue Leadership award under the new Progressive Training Syllabus. Cdt Beresford was taught the basics of  practical leadership and assessed by leading a group of fellow cadets through initiative exercises. Leadership is a major part of the Air Cadets and most actives revolve around the building up of leadership to give the cadets the confident to progress outside the organisation.



Well done to all those and their above accomplishments and good luck to those working towards their own qualifications! All the above awards can be added to a CV and UCAS personal statements to demonstrate commitment, leadership and initiative.

We look forward to keeping you up-to-date with more our squadrons achievements.