Passing out parade/summer promotions 2019!

Yesterday evening at 1082 Squadron was a big evening.

Not only did the current New Intake Flight (Hawkflight) officially complete their first class training and pass out into the main flights, it was also time for summer promotions.

So, to start off the evening the parents of the cadets in hawkflight as well as the rest of the squadron were spoken to by flt Lt Fowler in which he explained what hawkflight have been up to over the course of their 10 month first class training.

This then was followed by another explanation from Sgt Taylor.

And finally, their flight ‘in charge’ (ic) Cadet Flt Sgt Henman gave a few words of wisdom to the parents.

Then, it was time to head into the parade Square in order to complete the passing out process.

First up was Cadet Facer into B Flight. she has demonstrated well her ability to follow orders immediately and has made many new friends while on Sqn. She’s due to attend her first camp in a few weeks. Good luck in your cadet career!

Followed by Cadet Wainwright into B Flight. She has done really well the past 10 months by attending many off sqn activities and even begining the process of doing bronze Duke of Edinburgh. Wishing you luck with your cadet career!

Then Cadet Conellan into A Flight. He has worked well towards gaining various Weapons handling Qualifications which are hard to gain, as well as being a really good member of the sqn. Wishing you luck with your cadet career!

After, Cadet Dawe into A Flight. He has showed progress in his drill and uniform prep. He is always a pleasure to talk to so good luck with your cadet career!

And finally Cadet Greveson into A Flight. She has shown excellent progress in all areas of the syllabus as well as always demonstrating a obedient and helpful attitude towards activities. Well done and food luck for your cadet career!

Now, the passing out ceremony had finished it was time to announce the promotions. Starting with the SNCO’s. These are for Cadets that already hold the rank of Corporal and are usually more senior.

First up was Cadet Sergeant Bunting. I have been a member of the squadron since early 2017 and been a jnco since early 2018. I’ve been ic of a previous hawkflight and also been updating the squadrons varioud social media platforms for the past 6 months (I’m writing this article) and am very proud of this promotion!

helped by Sgt Taylor to put my new Rank Slide on.

Secondly it was cadet Sergeant Whiteman. He has been a member of 1082 Squadron since 2016 and has been a jnco since 2017. He contributes greatly to the squadron particularly in the area of sports and fieldcraft. Congratulations Sargent you deserve this!

again helped by Sgt Taylor to put on his new Rank Slides.

Now it was time for the JNCO’s. These are cadets who did not hold a rank before but are usually more senior and show the qualities needed to be a member of the NCO team.

First up was Cadet Corporal Beresford. She has been at 1082 since early 2017 and has always showed enthusiasm and determination for what she does. She has attended camps and many of the voluntary work we do off squadron at weekends. Congratulations corporal this is well deserved!

Again helped by Sgt Taylor.

The second JNCO promotion was to Cadet Corporal Waring. He has been on the squadron for longer than most other people but due to his age couldn’t participate in activities such as flying until recently. He has always been punctual and reliable as well as kind and obedient. Well done Corporal!

helped by Sgt Taylor to put his new ranks slides on.

The final promotion of the evening was for Cadet Flt Sgt Henman. He wasn’t aware that he was getting it which made it all the more special. He has worked hard with the hawkflight described above, teaching them everything they need to know. Aside from this he is a natural leader and determined to deliver. Congratulations Flt Sgt this really is a well deserved promotion!

helped by both Sgt Taylor and Flt Lt Fowler to put on his new rank slides.

The day’s events were hard worked for, hawkflight required patience and consistency and the promotions required an application form and interview. Congratulations to everyone above you’ve all gone above and beyond.

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  1. Dear Sir/Madam,
    I’m an ex cadet FS from 1082 Sqn, I left in 1982 to join the RAF, completing 29 years service. I dont live in the area any more, but still have family local, so would love to pop in next time I am up. Also would it be possible to send me some sqn badges, an RAF colleague is trying to collect all of the ATC badges (a chesterfield and wing one would be great as well, was Chesterfield 331).
    Your assistance would ce greatly appreciated.
    Kind regards
    John White

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    1. Hi John,

      Sorry for the late reply. Absolutely fine to grab a badge… now we’ve finally had new ones delivered today! We have an open evening on the 16th September 1930-2030, so if you’re in the area feel free to pop in and say Hi!


      Flt Lt, OC 1082 Sqn


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