Promotion with a difference

Cadet Corporal Sky Duffin pictured clapping for the key workers proudly wearing her uniform.

On Saturday 9th May Cadet Sky Duffin completed the virtual NCO Development course run by Cadet Forces Adult Volunteer Sergeant Taylor. She was asked to ‘stay behind’ when the Commanding Officer Flight Lieutenant Adam Fowler jumped on the call to give Sky her debrief on her application for promotion. Due to the organisation wide suspension of face to face activities Sky had been waiting a long time for this debrief.

During the call we had a chat about how we were all doing and what we had been getting up to. Discovering that gardening wasn’t Sky’s favourite part of lockdown but she enjoyed being able to spend more time with her Mum.

Pictured is the call with Flt Lt Fowler, Sgt Taylor, Cdt Cpl Duffin and her Mum.

Flight Lieutenant Fowler informed Sky how impressed we as a staff team all were with her progress in all things cadet related. She has grown in confidence a lot over the past couple of years and her willingness to try anything once is what makes a great cadet. Sky has well and truly fostered the spirit of adventure. He then let her out of her misery and informed her that she had been successful in her application and promoted her to Corporal.

On Wednesday 13th May Sergeant Taylor invited Squadron Leader Gaines, our acting Sector Commander at the time, to present Sky with the promotion officially in front of the squadron during their weekly virtual parade night. After having a few internet glitches and thinking Sky wasn’t going to make it Squadron Leader Gaines made it official and her promotion was celebrated by the squadron.

The rank of Cadet Corporal is the first step on the ladder for Non Commissioned Officers (NCOs) Junior NCOs (JNCOs) have more of a leadership role and are there to help supervise the cadets. The next step for a Cadet Corporal is Cadet Sergeant, they then move to Cadet Flight Sergeant and if they wish once they turn 18 they can apply to be a Cadet Warrant Officer. For this they are required to travel to their Wing Headquarters for an interview with senior members of the Wing staff. If they pass their interview they will then have reached the highest rank in the Royal Air Force Air Cadets.

Congratulations Cadet Corporal Duffin, all of your hard work and determination over the years has paid off! Keep up the great work and you will have a successful career in the Royal Air Force Air Cadets.