National Volunteers’ Week – Meet The Staff

On Wednesday we heard from our very own Sgt Taylor and yesterday we informed you of some big news in the RAFAC regarding our Commandant. Today we will hear from CI Keith Smith.

CI Smith has been a part of the squadron for 7 years now and also had his children as members of the squadron too. He encourages the cadets in their sports and fitness as well as supporting them with other qualifications using his extensive knowledge gained throughout his years as a cadet.

So lets hear from CI Smith…

Q. What is your job in real life?

A. Senior IT Manager/ Global Trotter

Q. How long have you been in the RAFAC?

A. I joined 2460 squad on 25th Oct 1989 where I progressed through the ranks to CWO in 1996. Then took a massive break and re-joined as CI in 2013 at 1082 Brimington Squadron.

Q. What is your job in the RAFAC?

A. Being a Civilian Instructor, my role is to support our squadron and uniformed staff on parade nights and weekends where possible and to carry out the sports officer role.

CI Smith pictured with Sgt Taylor and 3 cadets from 1082 Sqn after they achieved medals for competing in Cross Country.

Q. What extra-curricular activities did you do as a teenager other than cadets?

A. As a teenager I was very much dedicated to air cadets with every spare minute we had. I was in the air cadet band at 2460 which practiced all the time and had competitions in the British youth band association. When I was old enough the rest of my spare time was in the pub with my friends getting drunk and doing pub quizzes lol.

Q. Why do you volunteer in the RAFAC?

A. I enjoy helping where I can and having been in the air cadets as I cadet I understand what it is like.

Q. Do you have any other interests outside of the RAFAC?

A. Apart from global trotter I am currently moving to a new house which is taking all my time but enjoy going to the cinema, gym and socialise where I can.

Q. What is your favourite camp/ cadet activity you have been on?

A. My favourite camp was in 1993 to RAF Waddington and got on the E3 Sentry AWACS and got best NCO award. I was also fortunately getting an air experience flight from RAF Brize Norton to Cyprus and back my main duty was to clean the plane before it returned.

CI Smith is pictured taking a selfie with cadets and staff of the squadron at the local Armed Forces Day celebrations.

Q. How has life changed since COVID 19?

A. Queues, queues, and more queues. Working from home so workload has not changed, and most times increased. I am looking forward when we can go back to squad and get back to normal again

Q. What was your favourite subject at school?

A. Science and IT

Q. What was your least favourite subject at school?

A. Maths

Q. What song will always get you on the dance floor at an end of camp disco?

A. Come on Eileen

Q. Name one useless fact about yourself…

A. Met the Duke of Edinburgh (Queens’ husband) and Bruce Forsyth when I collected my Gold Duke of Edinburgh Award.

CI Smith pictured with 3 cadets from 1082 Sqn who competed at Wing Athletics and all achieved medals in their sport.

I hope you enjoyed hearing from one of our 2 Civilian Instructors. Unlike our uniformed staff Civilian Instructors don’t have to commit any set amount of days to the organisation, so if you wish to volunteer and can only support us maybe once a month then still contact us and we can discuss what to do next.