National Volunteers’ Week – Meet The Staff

This week we have heard from a few of our Cadet Forces Adult Volunteers. From our squadron Chaplain, to some uniformed staff and one of our CIs. All members of our staff team are invaluable to the squadron.

Today we hear from Sergeant Luke Pether, he has been in the organisation for 12 years on and off. Now a trained paramedic he has a lot to give to the squadron by means of knowledge especially when it comes to first aid training. 1082 Squadron encourages all cadets to complete first aid qualifications as well as regular practice on these skills.

Let’s hear from Sgt Pether.

Q. What is your job in real life?

A. I am a Paramedic with East Midlands Ambulance Service.

Q. How long have you been in the RAFAC?

A. 12 Years now. I joined the Air Training Corps as a cadet when I was 15 and left shortly after turning 19 due to work. Once things got settled I returned as a Civilian Instructor when I became 20 before moving into uniform and being appointed as Sergeant in summer 2016.

Q. What is your job in the RAFAC?

A. My current appointment is Sergeant RAFAC which includes general duties of uniformed staff such as welfare, drill and disciple and general cadet training and administration. I am also the Squadron First Aid Training Officer and run the storeroom.

Sgt Pether is pictured here with Flt Lt Fowler, Sgt Taylor, Air Cmdre McCafferty and 6 cadets from 1082 Squadron after completing the RAF WARMA Cosford road march.

Q. What extra-curricular activities did you do as a teenager other than cadets?

A. Nothing extra really, cadets was my main hobby. I did a bit of kickboxing but had to put it to one side once I progressed to Sixth Form due to time.

Q. Why do you volunteer in the RAFAC?

A. Generally, keeps me out of trouble and has my mind focusing on other things that is not work. Cadets did a lot for me growing up and definitely gave me the confidence and skills to finally go to university and do my degree to become a Paramedic.
I like to pass on my knowledge, especially in First Aid, and give the cadets the same opportunities I had to help them succeed.

Q. Do you have any other interests outside of the RAFAC?

A. Walking, gaming, reading. I formally start a second job soon once I complete the training this summer.

Q. What is your favourite camp/cadet activity you have been on?

A. Hard to say exactly. My first week long camp at Beckingham was a big deal as I had never done anything like it where I was away from family or home and it gave me a big spike in confidence.
I also achieved my gliding Silver Wings.

Pictured from left to right; Sgt Pether, Flt Lt Fowler, Sgt Taylor and Sgt McCarry. Taken in between Parades on Remembrance Sunday.

Q. How has life changed since COVID-19?

A. I have had to distance myself from family due to the nature of my work and the higher risk I have, being exposed to COVID-19. I also haven’t been as involved with virtual training as much as I’d like to be, again due to work and that fact I am a bit of a technophobe.

Q. What was your favourite subject at school?

A. Easily science.

Q. What was your least favourite subject at school?

A. French and Spanish. I stutter enough with English, the last thing I needed was another language thrown in there on top!

Q. What song will always get you on the dance floor at an end of camp disco?

A. None. If you see me on a dance floor, it’s either a medical emergency or against my will.

Q. Name 1 useless fact about yourself?

A. My favourite colour is purple.

Sgt Pether training cadets for their first aid qualifications.

Thank you for that Sgt Pether. I hope that was an enjoyable read for you all. Tomorrow will be our last day therefore meaning our last staff member. Flight Lieutenant Fowler, our Commanding Officer, will be sharing a little bit about himself so look back here for that.

If you do wish to enquire about volunteering for 1082 Squadron please email and someone will be in contact as soon as possible.

Stay Safe!