National Volunteers’ Week – Meet the Staff

So far this week we have heard this week from Rev. Cooke our Chaplain, CI Smith our Squadron Sports Officer, Sgt McCarry our Squadron Comms Officer, Sgt Taylor our Squadron Training and DofE Officer and Sgt Pether our Squadron Warrant Officer and Squadron First Aid Officer. Finally, today you will hear from our Commanding Officer, Flight Lieutenant Adam Fowler. Flt Lt Fowler has been a part of the squadron for a while now and has had a few different roles.

Let’s see what he has to say, take it away Sir!

Q. What is your job in real life?

A. Sales Engineer, VMware Tanzu/Pivotal, although for the last three months I’ve been lead architect on an NHS project that shall remain nameless. (Ooooh mysterious…)

Q. How long have you been in the RAFAC?

A. Cadet 95-99, staff 2003-present (I.e. Longer than some of those reading this have been alive!!!)

Q. What is your job in the RAFAC?

A. OC 1082 Sqn RAFAC. Also help out with corps cyber syllabus and orienteering liaison to RAF.

Flt Lt Fowler receiving his Cadet Forces Medal for 12 years as uniformed staff from Wing Commander Tony Wright

Q. What extra-curricular activities did you do as a teenager other than cadets?

A. Computer Science, cross country, computer science, playing computer games with friends, computer science.

Q. Why do you volunteer in the RAFAC?

A. To give others the same opportunities I’ve had that I wouldn’t have gotten if I hadn’t been a cadet. I used to be super shy and never talk. Cool stuff: E.g. Nijmegen marches 98&99, University in Wales 99-2002 with a year on exchange in Wisconsin. Worked in three continents for software companies. Spent two summers in California working. Wouldn’t have done any of this without what I learned as a cadet.

Q. Do you have any other interests outside of the RAFAC?

A. Computer programming, infosec, orienteering, American revolutionary history, Bernard Cornwell novels, first aid, mountaineering, lots of snowboarding, my two dogs which are my world.

Our uniformed staff team together between parades.

Q. What is your favourite camp/cadet activity you have been on?

A. Nijmegen – hardest thing mentally, physically, team work, and leadership wise you can do. You learn a tonne about yourself and others.

A. How has life changed since COVID-19?

Q. I’ve had to go on leave from cadets as I’ve been working flat out 6 days a week 12 hours a day average for three months on an NHS covid-19 project. All whilst struggling with leg and foot injuries and starting and stabilising on medication for severe adhd. This has made my autism more prevalent and so I’ve had to overcome and get used to different behaviours and emotions I’m not used to. Hardest period of my life. Hopefully though what I’ve been working on will save lives.

Q. What was your favourite subject at school?

A. Maths (there were no computer science classes… There was an A level but it was too easy)

Q. What was you least favourite subject at school?


Q. What song will always get you on the dance floor at an end of camp disco?

A. Darude – Sandstorm. And macarena. I always teach cadets the dance moves! (Cyprus 2018!)

A nice action shot of Flt Lt Fowler Road Marching with Sgt Taylor and cadets of 1082 Squadron during the Winter WARMA.

On the final day of National Volunteers’ Week, I would like to thank all our Cadet Forces Adult Volunteers! You all do an amazing job and without you the squadron would not run! I would also like to recognise our Civilian Committee which is made up of parents of the cadets. This is also an essential part of the squadron. They may not have as much to do with the cadets as the CFAV as they deal with different parts of the squadron including our money. But without them authorising our spending and sending out cheques the opportunities for the cadets on the squadron would be greatly reduced!

If you would like to enquire about joining the squadron as a volunteer or as a cadet please email

I hope you all enjoyed meeting the staff of 1082 Squadron! Stay Safe and Take Care!