Towards the end of 1940, the government realised the value of the cadet force and took control of the Air Defense Cadet Corps (ADCC). It reorganised and renamed it, and on the 5th February 1941 the Air Training Corps was officially established with King George VI as the Air Commodore-in-Chief. Meaning that the Air Training Corps (ATC) is turning 80 this year!

Cadets who have just joined the organisation must learn the history of the ATC in their initial training before they become fully fledged members. But what is not in the syllabus is the history of the squadron that they are attending.

Derbyshire Wing Parade – Chesterfield 1963

As part of our 80th year we have chosen to do some research on the history of 1082 Brimington & District Squadron. We know that the Squadron was founded in the 1940s around 1942 but that is just about all the information we have until the present day.

Here is where we need your help!
Are you an ex-cadet or volunteer of 1082 Squadron? Do you know someone who was a member of the squadron?

Please contact Sergeant Esther Taylor RAFAC using training.1082@rafac.mod.gov.uk with any information, pictures or stories of your time as a member of the squadron or even the ATC as a whole. We would love to hear from you all!

Any help will be greatly appreciated by all! During these uncertain times where cadets can’t do as much as they have been able to in the last 80 years of it’s existence, lets look back and some happy memories.

Sergeant Taylor with Cadets of 1082 Sqn celebrating Zack’s (the dog) 3rd birthday with a photograph.