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Hi! My name is Sergeant Esther Taylor of 1082 Brimington and District Squadron with the Air Training Corps. I am currently the squadrons Training Officer, I help to plan fun and exciting things for our cadets and staff to do. I am also the Duke of Edinburgh Officer this means that I am in charge of getting cadets through their Blue, Bronze, Silver and Gold awards with us at the squadron. Although I am still learning how to do the technical bits. I am all about the cadets and my aim is to have the cadets participate in as many as possible and gain many experiences so that they develop into upstanding citizens. In September 2018 I will have been a member of the Royal Air Force Air Cadets for 11 years. Being at 3 different squadrons over my time I have had many different experiences. As a cadet I may not have grabbed every opportunity that I could have and although a regret of mine I aim for this to not be a regret of any of my cadets.

1082 Squadron wish Captain Moore a Happy Birthday!

Today Thursday 30th April Captain Tom Moore is turning an incredible 100 years old. What a milestone!
Members of the Royal Air Force Air Cadets dusted off their uniform, ironed their shirts and trousers, polished shoes and tied their tie whilst at home during this period of lockdown to show their thanks to the amazing fundraising efforts of Captain Moore.

Pictured left Captain Tom Moore during his service in WW2.
Pictured Right Captain Tom Moore completing his walk for the NHS.

At the beginning of lockdown the then 99 year old Captain Tom Moore, set out to walk 100 laps of his garden and wanted to raise £1000 for NHS Charities Together which I thought was amazing! After appearing on various news channels across country, Captain Moore saw his total quickly pass the £1000. Today on the day on his 100th birthday his total has reached an astounding £31 million that is an incredible 5900% over his initial target and it is increasing by the second!

Captain Tom Moore receiving his appointed to the first Honorary Colonel of the Army Foundation College, Harrogate.

Last week Sergeant Esther Taylor RAFAC, on behalf of 1082 Squadron, sent Captain Moore a birthday card thanking him for what he is doing and explaining how he has inspired the cadets to get up and go. As well as thanking him for what he did for the country during the second world war where he served in both India and Burma with the 8th Battalion of the Duke of Wellington’s Regiment.

Thank You to Captain, correction, Colonel Tom Moore on behalf of all the cadets and volunteers at 1082 (Brimington & District) Squadron!

We Salute You!