ADS-B based aircraft monitor application

Cyber & Programming

From being safe online to programming computers and using radios to track aircraft flying over the Squadron – our cadets use Computers a lot!

Cadets are all given training around online safety as part of their initial and ongoing training. Later, cadets can take part in a set of Cyber awards to achieve Bronze, Silver and Gold badges. The Gold course takes over 18 cadets to RAF Cosford to see how the RAF defend networks against threats.

On the Squadron we teach cadets basic computer programming skills, and even publish our own open source code on GitHub! Our Commanding Officer works in the industry for a living and so ensures the skills are both useful for GCSE and A level Computer Science as well as future careers in industry, or University degrees.

ADS-B based aircraft monitor application
ADS-B based aircraft monitor application

Recent projects on our Squadron have included:-

  • Trialing the Silver Cyber Programming module for HQ RAF Air Cadets
  • Cadets creating their own programmes to solve maths problems
  • Using a software defined radio (SDR) USB stick and antenna to track aircraft overflying the Squadron, in the same way that Flight Radar and similar websites work

In Sep 2019 we’re also kicking off our new Computer Club. We’ll meet at the Squadron for a day each month to talk through Computer Science homework from school, reinforce learning through practical programming, and take part in the Cyber Centurion national competition.


If you have an interest in computer security or programming and want a future career in the IT Industry, then 1082 (Brimington & District) Squadron will be perfect for you!

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