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Flight Sergeant Godfrey completes the ACPS!

Back in September, Cadet Flight Sergeant Godfrey was successful in his application to the Air Cadet Pilot Scheme. This is a huge achievement in his personal cadet development and is something he has been ambitious to do from a young age.

The ACPS is based at Tayside Aviation, Dundee. Tayside Aviation operates over 15 aircraft at two sites at Dundee & Fife. It is also the largest light aircraft training organisation in Scotland. Tayside offers both private and commercial pilot training. It is the sole contractor to the Royal Air Force Air Cadet organisation.

Cadet Flight Sergeant Godfrey has been provided with a Light Aircraft Flying Scholarship to achieve solo standard. He flew in the Aquilla A211.

Once solo standard has been reached, cadets receive their gold RAFAC wings (something which no one currently possesses at 1082 Squadron.)

During his two week course, Cadet Flight Sergeant Godfrey stayed at the 4* Double Tree Hilton Hotel Dundee.

The ACPS is open to anyone in the Royal Air Force Air Cadets who are over the age of 16 with a grade 4/5 in English Language & Mathematics and a keen interest in aviation, however there are only 186 places available to Air Cadets per year.

Congratulations to Flight Sergeant Godfrey for completing this scheme with flying colours!

2019 for 1082 squadron!

2019 was a year of many great achievements for the cadets and staff of 1082 squadron. Here’s a run down (in pictures!)


Cadet Warren Officer Doody had the pleasure of meeting The Princess Royal during her visit to Riply as part of her Lord Lieutenant’s Cadet duty. The Princess visited the Derbyshire Carers Association Charity Headquarters to celebrate the charities 30th anniversary.

Also in January, Sergeant Taylor organised for the Raf Careers Office (Nottingham/Derby) to pay us a visit! The corporal explained different routes available to take when considering a career in the raf, answered frequently asked questions as well as giving cadets an insight into life during basic training.


Sergeant Taylor took three cadets to Trent wings junior netball trials and junior rugby trials.

Later that month, two cadets attended the 75th Anniversary Ceremony for a World War Two American B-17 Bomber crash in Sheffield, Endcliff Park. BBC Breakfast were broadcasting live at the park to an audience of millions.


CWO Doody attended the National Choir Camp and was part of the first string ensemble in the RAFAC! She was awarded her Gold Music badge by Air Commadore McCafferty!

A little closer to home, we held our annual ‘masterchef’ night. This involves cadets cooking a meal in mess tins in order to prepare for Duke of Edinburgh expeditions. The staff then try the meals made (at their own risk…)


3 Cadets were awarded their blue Duke of Edinburgh badges.

We also had many interesting parade nights…


Sector 1 had a field trip to the Royal Arboretum in Burton-on-Trent and the Raf Museum at Raf Cosford.

The squadron attended the 1940s weekend at Poolesbrook Country Park in Staveley. The Mayor and Mayoress of Chesterfield were delighted to take a photo with us!

At Trent wing athletics, 4 cadets achieved medals!

Corporal Simkins (right) 400m sprint
Corporal Somers (left) long jump
Sergeant Whiteman (left) longjump
Cadet Lockwood (middle) highjump


CWO Doody was promoted following her interview at Cranwell.

She was also invited to see the Trooping of the Colour at Buckingham Palace as part of her Lord Lieutenant’s Cadet duty.


Trent Wing Field Day took place this month, we participated in the Drill Competition, the Banner Drill Competition & Cross Country.

On the last day of July, the summer Promotions and Hawk flights passing out parade took place.

Sergeant to Flight Sergeant Henman
Cadet to Corporal Waring
Cadet to Corporal Beresford
Corporal to Sergeant Whiteman
Corporal to Sergeant Bunting


To kick this month off, Flight Sergeant Godfrey was awarded his master cadet badge after completing his exams!

Then, 4 cadets attended the Adult First aid course at Raf Cranwell and were awarded their Silver AFA badges!

Next up, the summer camps began! Firstly, Raf Wittering camp.

Then, National Aerospace Camp & Beckingham

Flight Lieutenant Fowler was presented with his Cadet Forces Medal on final parade at Beckingham. The medal is in recognition for his 12 years of uniformed service.


This month we said goodbye to CWO Doody, who left for university.


Sergeant Taylor held the entry level award course for health and safety in the workplace this month…

The Raf Halton camp also took place. We sent along two cadets.


This month was a very busy time for 1082 squadron. We were poppy selling at a local sainsbury’s as well as practicing our drill for Remembrance parade.


Now that the year is coming to a close, we spent this month decorating the squadron appropriately (tinsel everywhere!) and practicing for our Hawk flights enrollment ceremony with the Padre. During this night, three cadets were promoted to the rank of Corporal.

Cadet to Corporal Simkins
Cadet to acting Corporal Duffin
Cadet to acting Corporal Somers

So, that’s it from start to finish. 1082 participated in multiple events this year. However not everything is in this article because there’s too much to list!

From everyone here at 1082, have a very Happy New Year!

Christmas Camp 2019

Last weekend, 7 cadets and staff from 1082 squadron joined 53 others from 1084 (Market Harborough) SQN, 366 (King Ecbert) SQN, 422 (Corby) SQN, 138 (1st Nottingham) SQN, 1947 (Birstall) SQN & 29F (Rugby) SQN to take part in a multitude of activities as part of the Christmas weekend Camp 2019.

During a walk on day 1, cadets learnt how to take an accurate bearing and follow a designated route. Cadet Hyslop said he found this interesting as it was a new skill for him.

More activities included playing Christmas themed games and a bike ride. The cadets were also provided with a home cooked Christmas meal!

Thanks to all the squadrons involved.

The 2019 poppy appeal

As you may or may not have noticed, the Time of year in which the general public, news & radio presenters as well as the armed forces wear poppies is here.

Poppies are worn in rememberence due to it being the first flower to grow in the gruesome fields where millions of people gave their lives in the First World War.

The poppy represents those who have lost their life across the world on behalf of their country, those who have been killed as a result of terrorism & the contributions of families and Emergency Services.

“the service and sacrifice, friendship and collaboration of the men and women of Britain, the Commonwealth and Allied nations who fought together”

Millions of poppies will be sold over the coming days by thousands of volunteers across the country. This includes 1082 squadron cadets.

The money raised from donations made in exchange for a popy will go directly to the Royal British Legion who help servicemen & women whose lives have been altered by the wars they fought in, veterans who may need help finding housing & jobs as well as families who have lost loved ones to war.

Poppies are commonly worn on the right side of the chest however the Royal British Legion says ” we only ask you to wear it with pride”

How are you going to wear your poppy?

National Aerospace Camp 2019!!

Last week the National Aerospace Camp took place. This year we sent Flt Sgt Henman to it. He has a keen interest in all things aerospace related, whether it’s flying & gliding or the science and technology behind it all.

During his week stay at Prince William Of Gloucester barracks he gained a number of awards and badges too. These include his Bronze Aviation wings, Bronze Gliding wings & Bronze Communication badge. This makes him the only current member of the squadron to have Bronze wings!

Alongside this, Flt Sgt also was in command of Flight 7C on the camp.

2019 marks the second consecutive year that 1082 Squadron have sent cadets away to the Aerospace Camp. Hopefully we see you again next year!

RAF Wittering Camp 2019

This week 1082 Squadron sent away 5 cadets to Royal Air Force Wittering for a week long camp.The week commenced with an open air cinema viewing held on base.The following day was an early start because cadets had the opportunity to gain their basic and intermediate swimming qualification at a local pool.That afternoon, they visited the Cambridge American Cemetery & Memorial.Monday brought an opportunity to go flying for some cadets including Cadet Simkins & Sergeant Bunting from 1082 squadron. Cadet Duffin also flew later in the week. The remaining cadets visited the National Space Centre.Next, a short journey to Rutland water to participate in watersports! This entailed canoeing and raft building (as well as the odd fall!) On the whole a very enjoyable day for all involved.The following days of the camp involved:the Harrier heritage centrea tour around 5001 Sqn (off-aircraft engineering)a fire section visitpadres hourOperation X (interactive online mission for cadets to complete)more flying!Duxford Air MuseumLazer tagNot to mention the memories and friendships made this week. Well done guys!

Passing out parade/summer promotions 2019!

Yesterday evening at 1082 Squadron was a big evening.

Not only did the current New Intake Flight (Hawkflight) officially complete their first class training and pass out into the main flights, it was also time for summer promotions.

So, to start off the evening the parents of the cadets in hawkflight as well as the rest of the squadron were spoken to by flt Lt Fowler in which he explained what hawkflight have been up to over the course of their 10 month first class training.

This then was followed by another explanation from Sgt Taylor.

And finally, their flight ‘in charge’ (ic) Cadet Flt Sgt Henman gave a few words of wisdom to the parents.

Then, it was time to head into the parade Square in order to complete the passing out process.

First up was Cadet Facer into B Flight. she has demonstrated well her ability to follow orders immediately and has made many new friends while on Sqn. She’s due to attend her first camp in a few weeks. Good luck in your cadet career!

Followed by Cadet Wainwright into B Flight. She has done really well the past 10 months by attending many off sqn activities and even begining the process of doing bronze Duke of Edinburgh. Wishing you luck with your cadet career!

Then Cadet Conellan into A Flight. He has worked well towards gaining various Weapons handling Qualifications which are hard to gain, as well as being a really good member of the sqn. Wishing you luck with your cadet career!

After, Cadet Dawe into A Flight. He has showed progress in his drill and uniform prep. He is always a pleasure to talk to so good luck with your cadet career!

And finally Cadet Greveson into A Flight. She has shown excellent progress in all areas of the syllabus as well as always demonstrating a obedient and helpful attitude towards activities. Well done and food luck for your cadet career!

Now, the passing out ceremony had finished it was time to announce the promotions. Starting with the SNCO’s. These are for Cadets that already hold the rank of Corporal and are usually more senior.

First up was Cadet Sergeant Bunting. I have been a member of the squadron since early 2017 and been a jnco since early 2018. I’ve been ic of a previous hawkflight and also been updating the squadrons varioud social media platforms for the past 6 months (I’m writing this article) and am very proud of this promotion!

helped by Sgt Taylor to put my new Rank Slide on.

Secondly it was cadet Sergeant Whiteman. He has been a member of 1082 Squadron since 2016 and has been a jnco since 2017. He contributes greatly to the squadron particularly in the area of sports and fieldcraft. Congratulations Sargent you deserve this!

again helped by Sgt Taylor to put on his new Rank Slides.

Now it was time for the JNCO’s. These are cadets who did not hold a rank before but are usually more senior and show the qualities needed to be a member of the NCO team.

First up was Cadet Corporal Beresford. She has been at 1082 since early 2017 and has always showed enthusiasm and determination for what she does. She has attended camps and many of the voluntary work we do off squadron at weekends. Congratulations corporal this is well deserved!

Again helped by Sgt Taylor.

The second JNCO promotion was to Cadet Corporal Waring. He has been on the squadron for longer than most other people but due to his age couldn’t participate in activities such as flying until recently. He has always been punctual and reliable as well as kind and obedient. Well done Corporal!

helped by Sgt Taylor to put his new ranks slides on.

The final promotion of the evening was for Cadet Flt Sgt Henman. He wasn’t aware that he was getting it which made it all the more special. He has worked hard with the hawkflight described above, teaching them everything they need to know. Aside from this he is a natural leader and determined to deliver. Congratulations Flt Sgt this really is a well deserved promotion!

helped by both Sgt Taylor and Flt Lt Fowler to put on his new rank slides.

The day’s events were hard worked for, hawkflight required patience and consistency and the promotions required an application form and interview. Congratulations to everyone above you’ve all gone above and beyond.

NACATC Fairbourne 2019

The NACATC Fairbourne camp has today come to a close.

This camp was a fantastic opportunity for cadets to take part in activities they wouldn’t usually have the chance to do so.

Just a few activities that cadets have taken part in this week are,

Swimming competency tests

Blue radio courses

Leadership exercises


Mountain biking


A guided tour round Old Slate Mine

So gaining badges as well as completing all the above has made for a very successful and enjoyable week!!

Trent Wing Athletics 2019!

Every year, 1082 squadron participate in Trent Wing athletics. This year we took along 6 cadets to take part in a multitude of different sporting activities. The cadets also had the chance to integrate with other squadrons.

Cadet Lockwood won gold high jump!

Since, he’s been asked to help represent Trent wing at the upcoming regional field day! Congratulations

Corporal Whiteman and Cadet Somers also won silver long jump! Congratulations to the both of you!

Corporal Simkins also bagged herself bronze 400m! Congratulations cpl!